To enter the United States, one can do it through two different measures. One is the usual non-immigrant VISA and the other is through ESTA. Now if one wants to get the non-immigrant Visa, one has to go the US Embassy several types to get the process done and wait in long queues and waste a lot of time. On the other hand, an ESTA can be done only just by the use of an application site. The concept of Visa Waiver Programme was generally introduced so people can avoid the hassle of going to the embassy can the pre-requirements of getting a visa to the United States of America can be done with ease for everyone traveling for tourism and business-related purposes. Only for the people whose countries are eligible for an ESTA.

One can have many reasons to visit the USA. Many people go to the United States for work and on a student visa. But still, if we look at the number it can easily be viewed that the majority of people visit the USA purely for their entertainment or short-term business measures. For this purpose, one must also opt for ESTA. The process of getting a visa for a short-term trip can be done very conveniently with ESTA in comparison to the long process one has to go through to get a Visa. If we talk about ESTA, it can be seen as it is an online application in which one just has to fill up a form to apply for the visa. Filling up the form can be done with effortlessness as in comparison to a Visa it has very fewer requirements. hassle-free In ESTA there is an immediate response. This makes it more comfortable for the people and the most practical option to choose.

Opting for an ESTA is going to make more sense if one is traveling to the United States for the purpose of tourism that is equivalent or less than 90 days. The same can be said for a business trip. Even when some is traveling to another country and USA comes as a middle point where one has to halt for a few hours one should go for an ESTA. As applying for an ESTA will suit one’s convenience and is a simple and easy procedure to understand and be done with. One must definitely apply for the travel authorization process at least 72 hours prior to traveling to the United States. The charges applicable for the ESTA application is only $29.99. The government also charges a small amount of fee for all their services and so does we. So, we can help you through the process and make sure you have a pleasant, hassle-free journey the support help line is available for assistance 24hours and 7days. ESTA provide their expert assistance at a cost which is very effective and will not go to waste. If the information provided by the citizen when checked are found to be accurate and dependable then they are granted the permit to travel.