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The idea of Visa Waiver Program came into knowing in August 2008. On January 12, 2009, it was finally implemented and was made mandatory for everyone who wanted to travel to the United States of America to follow the electronic system of travel authorization. Every citizen or nation wanting to travel to the USA must get a VWP first. The ESTA was made a mandate as it is an easy process and can help people of the eligible countries to get the travel authorization done with ease. Any person traveling must apply at least 72 hours prior to traveling to the USA be it by sea or air. The visit that the citizen is planning on taking must be a short trip i.e. 90day. IN the span of those 90 days one can travel to the adjacent or neighboring countries or territories like Canada, Caribbean etc. But must be back to the United States within 90 days. The citizen is allowed to re-enter the USA till the time of 90 days. They can easily re-enter without a visa. You have to prove at the border that you have sufficient funds for you to complete the journey and come back to the USA. One has to make sure that the funds can cover their traveling, stay, food, other supplies and re-enter. When one re-enters the United States from Mexico or Canada an administration fee of $6 will be charged. Also, the Visa Waiver Program includes every state in the United States, complete USA. It even includes Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

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Under the Visa Waiver Program, it makes sure that anyone who lives in VWP eligible country gets to journey to the USA trouble- loose and without difficulty. The journey Authorization was introduced to increase the amount of security of worldwide citizen journeying to the United States. The Nationals which can be eligible for VWP don’t want to get a visa, however, need to get an advantageous response from the travel authorization.
After the submission of the form, after which the application is below verification procedure. Possible anticipate an instantaneous response. Everyone must get the ESTA authorization to enter the United States. But apart from the ESTA authorization, it is mandatory that everyone fills and complete the customary I-94W form in the means of transport they are traveling in i.e. Either a plane or boat. As not all the airlines can verify the ESTA authorization on the site. One must possess a green I-94W card if they are asked to fill the I-94W form.
The Visa Waiver Program is available for various countries. The citizens residing in the following countries do not need a visa to enter the United States under the Visa Waiver Program:
Austria, Andorra, Australia, Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic*, Denmark, Estonia*, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary*, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Latvia*, Lithuania*, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta*, Monaco, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea*, San Marino, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain, Slovak Republic*, Sweden, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.
*The citizen traveling from these require a passport