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If we look at the ancient time, people had to issue a visa to enter the United States no matter what the reason was or for how many days one was visiting. But in 2008, the idea of Visa Waiver Program was introduced and was implemented in January 2009 by the United States Customs and Border Protection and the Department Of Homeland Security, Now the citizens of eligible countries can enter the USA without the visa for a short duration of time. The electronic system for travel authorization can be easily done. Due to the waiver program, every country that is eligible can avoid visiting the US embassy and can simply fill up the form online. The process is so much simpler and convenient due to the waiver program. One can avoid the constant visit and the long wait required to get the reply.


The citizens just have to fill up the online form correctly and pay a small amount after that they can expect an immediate response. But it is still recommended to apply at least 72 hours prior to the time when one is planning on taking the journey. The visa waiver makes it easy to travel. Under this people can also travel to the neighboring countries of the USA but has to re-enter the United States within the time period of 90days and leave of their hometown. As the waiver is only applicable for 90 days. The process will help get the journey fast-tracked and make traveling easier. Anyone going for tourism or business trips must definitely opt for this. The amount of time to get the USA visa takes is tiresome and even then, there are chances that it gets rejected. The long queues and all the traveling can be avoided just by using the waiver program as it has to be done online. The waiver can easily be renewed and will last up to for two years or for the duration one’s passport expires. The waiver helps in making the travel for passport holders exceptionally comfortable and is the option one needs to go for if they are planning a travel to the USA.


The ESTA makes certain that the person that is given the authorization is eligible for traveling into the USA. As soon as arrived, each global citizen should undergo the Custom and Border Protections inception to ensure that nothing illegal is being transferred into the USA. After the inception, they’ll make that whether the citizen receives to enter the United Sates or not.

This process has grown to become out to be lots handier as anybody can get admission into it without problems online from everywhere inside the worldwide. Through this machine, one just desires to post all their excursions and personal statistics, to acquire an electronic device for excursion authorization through a processing device online. As soon as, you’ve got finished with the software and put it up effectively, a response may be expected inside 24 hours. After 24 hours, if one has effectively received an ESTA it means that they have certified to tour in America underneath VWP.

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Beware of fraudulent websites that pretend to represent the USA Government and ask you to pay even $250 for an ESTA Application or ESTA Travel Authorization information kits.

The information about ESTA is free as is the application. ESTA Service will submit the application on your behalf and provide you with full support and advice on ESTA Application. We only charge a small administration fee of $29.99 (one of the lowest fees on the Internet) for our efforts to make the application process as easy and accessible as it can only be and for our help available to all our customers. It includes The Department of Homeland Security border fee ($14.00, currently £9.34) and overseas transaction fee (£1).

Once granted, ESTA Travel Authorization is valid for two years! Apply for ESTA online now.

From 9 September 2010 if you apply directly from, you will have to pay $14 plus overseas transaction fee for your ESTA Travel Authorization (it used to be free). Please note we will not be able to provide you our help and support should you choose to apply through that website.

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