For any government service that a citizen needs to avail, they need to pay for that service so that they can get the work done. From September 2010, it was mandatory to pay a fee under the Travel Promotional Act of 2009. ESTA being a private organization helps one in getting their travel authorization electronically at a much suitable price. As everyone is paying for governmental services and still struggling, waiting and trying to get their work done for a lot of months and still aren’t able to succeed. So, why not avail a service that will at a rate that is so less will help you get your USA Visa and you can expect the response immediately.

By paying only this much, one can expect 24 hours of assistance and guidance through everything that the person is suffering through when it comes to the visa process. To get through the online application, the person only needs to visit the site. No need of logging in or signing up before filling up the form. One can start away start filling up the form. We ensure and make sure that all the data that is being submitted through our site is secure and encrypted so no one can misuse it. Also, the support is the team is always available.

People are allowed to visit the neighboring countries like Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean. Only if they can prove at the borders that they have sufficient funds to cover their duration of stay, traveling and re-entering the United States. To re-enter the United States, if one is coming back from either Canada or Mexico, they have to pay a fee of USD 6 at the border to re-enter the country.

If we break down the fee structure for you, it’ll comprise of two parts:

Processing Charge –  Once the application has filled up the application form, and requested for an electronic travel authorization a fee will be charged to that applicant to process their application. The application fee is $4.00

Authorization Charge – One can expect an immediate response after the submission of the application. If the application has been approved, the application for receiving an authorization confirmation from the ESTA, that they can travel to the United Stated under the Visa Waiver Program. After the confirmation, the person will also be charged $10.00 additionally if they have been authorized to travel. On the other hand, if the applicant’s application has been denied then they will only have to pay the processing fee of their application.

For 90 days or less travel, VWP seems the most reasonable and practical option to choose and go for. As it will help avoid all the hassle of the visa and filling up the of all the paperwork and going back and forth to submit and collect it. One even saves money and can benefit from all the help they will receive. So, why not avail the benefit of electronic travel authorization at a cheaper rate and the comfort of home.