Step 1
Group Basic Information
Step 2
Full Information for each member
Step 3
Make Payment ($29.99 / member)
Step 4
Confirm Order processed


Applying as a group allows up to a maximum of 50 applications to be paid with a single payment. The persons in the group are not required to travel together. The following information is required to create a group of applications. Complete the information, and a message will be sent to the email address provided and will contain a Group ID. Each group of applications is associated with a Group ID.

The Group ID and the contact information are required to retrieve a group of applications and take any or all of the following actions:

  • View a group of applications
  • Check the status of a group of applications
  • Pay for a group of applications at one time
  • Update a group of applications
  • Add or remove applications from the group

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk *.


The contact person must be 18 years or older. (This must be Team Leader / Group head / Parent in Family)

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